Jam and Jellies – 8 oz. Jars

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Jam and Jellies

Amish made in small batches using traditional recipes.

Apricot Jam, Blackberry Jam, Blueberry Jam, Cherry Jam, Cranberry Jam, Blackberry (Seedless), Gooseberry Jam, Hot Pepper Jam, Jalapeno Blackberry Jam, Jalapeno Blueberry Jam,  Jalapeno Cherry Jam, Jalapeno Peach Jam, Jalapeno Raspberry Jam, Jalapeno Strawberry Jam, Peach Jam, Peach-A-Cot Jam, Plum Jam, Rhubarb Jam, Strawberry Jam, Strawberry Rhubarb Jam, Tomato Jam, Blueberry Jelly, Dutch Apple Jam, Elderberry Jelly, Blackberry jelly, Grape Jelly

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Apple Cinnamon Jelly 8 oz., Apricot Jam 8 oz., Black Raspberry Jam 8 oz., Black Raspberry (Seedless) Jam 8 oz., Blackberry Jam 8 oz., Blueberry Jam 8 oz., Blueberry Cherry Jam 8 oz., Boysenberry Jam 8 oz., Cherry Jam 8 oz., Cranberry Jam 8 oz., Blackberry (Seedless) Jam 8 oz., Four Berry Jam 8oz, Gooseberry Jam 8 oz., Hot Pepper Jam 8 oz., Jalapeno Blackberry Jam 8 oz., Jalapeno Blueberry Jam 8 oz., Jalapeno Cherry Jam 8 oz., Jalapeno Cranberry Jam 8 oz., Jalapeno Peach Jam 8 oz., Jalapeno Raspberry Jam 8 oz., Jalapeno Strawberry Jam 8 oz., Peach Jam 8 oz., Peach-A-Cot Jam 8 oz., Plum Jam 8 oz., Red Raspberry Jam 8 oz., Seedless Red Raspberry Jam 8 oz., Rhubarb Jam 8 oz., Strawberry Jam 8 oz., Strawberry Rhubarb Jam 8 oz., Tomato Jam 8 oz., Triple Berry Jam 8 oz., Apple Cinnamon Jelly 8 oz., Black Raspberry Jelly 8 oz., Blueberry Jelly 8 oz., Dutch Apple Jam 8 oz., Elderberry Jelly 8 oz., Blackberry jelly 8 oz., Grape Jelly 8 oz., Jalapeno Green Jelly 8 oz., Jalapeno Red Jelly 8 oz., Red Raspberry Jelly 8 oz.

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1 review for Jam and Jellies – 8 oz. Jars

  1. Diane

    We purchased a jar of the strawberry jam from the flea market in Wisconsin last year, 8/2021 and I must say, it was absolutely AMAZING! We’re from Texas and we don’t have anything like this here. We were back this year same time and were so excited to get more, as we literally ate the entire jar the moment we got home! This was the FIRST thing we looked for! To say I left very sad and disappointed that they weren’t there this year, so I couldn’t replace it (insert sad face here!) Luckily I was able to find it online here, (HAPPY FACE!) so now we can have and enjoy it anytime we want! Best stuff on earth!

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