Amish No Sugar Added Butters


Butters sweetened with fruit juices


Carefully hand crafted, using old Amish ways. Fruits are cooked slowly over low heat, concentrating the sweetness of the fruit and creating a spreadable texture by evaporating out much of the water. They allow for a little more creativity than many soft spread recipes.

Stir a dollop of fruit butter into a bowl of oatmeal.
Add fruit butters to yogurt, and granola.
For variety in Asian stir-fry to add texture and a sweet/tart flavor.
If you are trying to cut butter and margarine, add fruit butters to baked goods in place of the dairy butter.
Change up your barbecue sauce, giving it a little fruit flavor, by adding in a fruit butter.
Use fruit butter as a glaze on a fresh fruit tart.
Have you thought to top off a plain cheesecake?
Fruit butters are a delicious cake filling, it’s a great way to liven up plain yellow cake.
Spread over pancakes or waffles.

Apple, Pumpkin

Additional Information

No Sugar Added Apple Butter 16 oz. (2 Jars), No Sugar Added Apple Butter 8 oz. (3 Jars), No Sugar Added Pumpkin Butter 16 oz. (2 Jars), No Sugar Added Pumpkin Butter 8 oz. (3 Jars)

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