Amish Made All Natural Fruit Butters


Amish made butters made in small batches using only wholesome ingredients.

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Carefully hand crafted, using old Amish ways. Fruits are cooked slowly over low heat, concentrating the sweetness of the fruit and creating a spreadable texture by evaporating out much of the water. They allow for a little more creativity than many soft spread recipes.

Why stop with Apple Butter? Blackberries make delicious spread too!

Stir a dollop of fruit butter into a bowl of oatmeal.
Add fruit butters to yogurt, and granola.
For variety in Asian stir-fry to add texture and a sweet/tart flavor.
If you are trying to cut butter and margarine, add fruit butters to baked goods in place of the dairy butter.
Change up your barbecue sauce, giving it a little fruit flavor, by adding in a fruit butter.
Use fruit butter as a glaze on a fresh fruit tart.
Have you thought to top off a plain cheesecake?
Fruit butters are a delicious cake filling, its a great way to liven up plain yellow cake.
Spread over pancakes or waffles.


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