Candy – Triple Dipped Malted Milk Balls – 36 oz. Bag

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Crunchy Malt Balls surrounded in three layers of milk chocolate 

Savor the delectable delight of malted milk balls, each meticulously triple-dipped in luxuriously creamy milk chocolate, crafted to perfection for the ultimate indulgence. These exquisite treats start with a crunchy, airy heart of malted milk that delivers a harmonious blend of sweetness and malt flavor, creating a foundation that’s both nostalgic and satisfying. The magic unfolds as these malted milk balls undergo a triple dipping process in the finest milk chocolate, ensuring each piece is sumptuously coated for a rich, velvety texture that melts seamlessly in your mouth.

The repeated layers of chocolate not only enhance the depth of flavor but also contribute to a wonderfully indulgent, creamy finish that makes each malted milk ball a tiny piece of heaven. This meticulous attention to detail results in a gourmet chocolate experience that celebrates the classic taste of malted milk balls while elevating them to a new level of luxury.

Perfect for gifting or treating yourself, these triple-dipped malted milk balls are a testament to the art of chocolate making. They promise to satisfy your sweet cravings with their perfect balance of crunchy malt and smooth, rich chocolate. Dive into the exquisite pleasure of these malted milk balls and let each bite take you on a sumptuous journey from farm to table.

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Malted milk balls triple dipped in creamy milk chocolate

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1 review for Candy – Triple Dipped Malted Milk Balls – 36 oz. Bag

  1. Susan

    These are absolutely the BEST malted milk balls.

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