Amish Fresh Made Salsa 16 oz. Jar


Fresh 16 oz. Salsa available in over 40 flavors. All of our salsas are made with only the finest ingredients.  You won’t find any preservatives or artificial flavors or colorings, or unnatural sugars.


Fresh made salsa, sure to please every taste bud.

Additional Information

Apple Medium, Bacon Mild, Bacon Medium, Bacon Habanero, Black Bean Mild, Black Bean Medium, Carolina Reaper Hot, Cherry Mild, Cherry Medium, Chile Relleno Medium, Chimi Changa Medium, Corn Mild, Corn Medium, Corn/Bean Mild, Corn/Bean Medium, Cranberry Mild, Cranberry Medium, Finely Chopped Mild, Finely Chopped Medium, Finely Chopped Hot, Five Amigos Fire X-Hot, Garden Mild, Garden Medium, Garden Hot, Ghost Chili Hot, Ghost Pepper X-Hot, Mango Mild, Mango Medium, Peach Mild, Peach Medium, Pineapple Mild, Pineapple Medium, Red Raspberry Mild, Red Raspberry Medium, Mild, Salsa Grande Hot, Tomatillo Medium, Tomatillo Avocado Hot, X Hot Habanero

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