Arndt’s Fudgery LLC: A Century-Long Legacy of Confectionery Excellence

Arndt's Fudgery

Arndt’s Fudgery LLC: A Century-Long Legacy of Confectionery Excellence

Nestled in the heart of Newton, Illinois, Arndt’s Fudgery LLC has been a cornerstone of the confectionery industry, evolving from a humble grocery store in 1913 into a renowned fudge-making powerhouse. Founded by George W. Arndt and his wife, the enterprise swiftly transitioned from Arndt’s Variety Store to a beacon of sweet indulgence, eventually cementing its legacy in the world of gourmet fudge.

The Evolution of Arndt’s Fudgery LLC

The journey of Arndt’s Fudgery LLC is a story of growth, innovation, and commitment to quality. In the aftermath of World War II, Bill Arndt, George’s son, returned from service and took the helm, expanding the business into nearby communities. This period marked the beginning of a transformation, setting the stage for the fudgery’s eventual specialization in handmade fudge.

Tony Arndt, representing the third generation, infused the business with a new vision upon his return from the US Navy in 1970. Under his leadership, Arndt’s began to offer a variety of fudge flavors in the mid-1980s, introducing a candy counter where customers could sample and select their preferred fudge, a move that greatly endeared the brand to its patrons.

A Diverse and Expanding Product Line

Arndt’s Fudgery LLC’s dedication to diversity and quality saw the introduction of over 75 fudge flavors, with chocolate and peanut butter emerging as favorites among its clientele. The fudgery’s offerings expanded beyond fudge to include Amish jellies, jams, BBQ sauces, pie fillings, and more, showcasing a commitment to providing a wide range of high-quality, artisanal products.

Transitioning to a Global Market

The decision to close the retail front in 2017 after 104 years of direct customer service marked a pivotal shift for Arndt’s Fudgery LLC, transitioning from a local favorite to a global brand. Embracing online sales through platforms like Amazon and their own website,, allowed Arndt’s to reach a wider audience, fulfilling hundreds of orders daily and expanding their wholesale business across the country.

A Testament to Tradition and Quality

Arndt’s Fudgery LLC’s success is rooted in its adherence to traditional fudge-making techniques while embracing modern innovations. The meticulous handcrafting process ensures that every batch of fudge meets the highest standards of quality and taste. With over 820 tons of fudge produced in their Newton kitchen, the legacy of Arndt’s Fudgery is a testament to the enduring appeal of well-crafted confectionery.


Arndt’s Fudgery LLC embodies the evolution of a family business into a celebrated name in the confectionery industry. Through a century of growth, innovation, and dedication to quality, Arndt’s has remained true to its roots while adapting to the demands of a global market. For those in search of the finest fudge and artisanal sweets, Arndt’s Fudgery LLC stands as a symbol of excellence, tradition, and the sweet taste of success.