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Receive a new Amish product every month (one time shipping charge of $4.95) for a year. A different item will be shipped the first week of each month (see item list below) * products may vary

January – Triple berry Jam 18 oz.
February – Chocolate fudge heart 8 oz.
March – Licorice (1 ea. strawberry, green apple, red rasp)

April – Pickled Beets 18 oz.

May – Chow Chow (mild) 18 oz.

June – Garden Salsa (medium heat) 18 oz.
July – Raspberry Jalapeno Jam 18 oz.
August – Peach Pie Filling 32 oz.
September – Apple Butter 18 oz.
October – Home Made Brittle (1/peanut, 1/pecan)
November – 1 lb. Turtle Fudge
December – Two packages Amish Candy (Chocolate P.B. Balls, White Choc Pretzels)

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